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Restoration Dentistry

When teeth are lost, a chain reaction of events can occur that affect your health and mental well-being. Foods can be difficult to chew, you may feel self-conscious of your appearance and your oral health can further deteriorate. At Lufkin Family Dental, we want to help our patients avoid these negative consequences of losing teeth and restore their smiles.

Once one tooth is gone, changes can begin happening in the mouth. Other teeth can shift into the empty space left by the tooth, becoming crooked and hard to clean. Without a tooth root in place, bone loss can occur and affect the nearby teeth. One lost tooth can lead to several lost teeth and poor oral health without restorative dentistry.

At Lufkin Family Dental, we offer a few different options to restore teeth and smiles. We have dental bridges, plus other restorative services including:

Whether you have one missing tooth or need a complete dental restoration, our team can help you get back your complete smile for improved health and appearance.

Complete Dental Restorations

When you lose all or most of your teeth, it can be difficult. However, with the advanced dental restoration options available, you can have a natural-appearing and functional smile. Dental implants are the premier restorative product; implants are the closest you can come to natural teeth. However, modern dentures are also an option, offering better comfort and fit than ever before. We offer both at Lufkin Family Dental, plus we can repair and restore existing dental implants.

Need to replace one or more missing teeth? Contact Lufkin Family Dental today for an appointment or to learn more about all our restorative dental options. We have payment plans available and we accept most dental insurance to make restoring your smile affordable.