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Dental Implant Restorations

The reason dental implants are such a popular option in restorative dentistry is their similarity to natural teeth. They look and function like a natural tooth, which means they also need care like a natural tooth. At Lufkin Family Dental, we offer dental implant placement and maintenance, including restorations and repairs of implants.

Dental implants can last a lifetime, but they can also have issues. Like natural teeth, they can be damaged due to trauma or accidents. The dental crowns on the implants can crack or chip and need to be replaced. Whatever the issue, Dr. Allen and our team have the expertise and equipment to complete dental implant restorations in our office.

The dental implants and technology used today are far more advanced than what was used when implants first became popular. This allows for implants that look more natural and last longer. Our team can restore older implants using the new technology available to improve their appearance and function.

Implant Repairs

Your dental implants can need repairs, and need ongoing maintenance. Since implants do not have a nerve root like a natural tooth, you will not be alerted with pain if you have a damaged implant. You should visually inspect your implants every day while cleaning your teeth. You should also come in for annual checkups. Dr. Allen can carefully inspect your implants during your exam to ensure they are in good condition and alert you if you need a repair.

Dental implants are a substantial investment in your smile, appearance and health. Keep your implants in good shape and maintained with regular checkups and inspections at our office. If your implant does need restoration or repair, we can fix your implant at our office in Lufkin. Contact Lufkin Family Dental today to schedule your next checkup and implant exam.