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Advancements in dental technology have improved the level of oral care available. At Lufkin Family Dental, we believe in investing in the latest dental technology to give our patients access to the best dental care available. Improved imagery, techniques and specialized equipment can help make dental visits more comfortable, efficient and painless for our patients.

Digital imagery is one of the ways technology has improved dental care. Digital x-rays allow us to get clearer images of the teeth and bones in the jaw to identify oral health issues. Digital x-rays also expose our patients to less radiation than traditional film x-rays and give us quicker access to the images. The imagery we use for dental implants is even more advanced, allowing for 3D images to ensure proper placement of the implants during surgery.


One of the latest options in pain-free dental care is DentalVibe. This handheld device allows us to give injections without any pain. One of the main fears for those with dental anxiety is needles or injections. DentalVibe emits a vibration that sends a signal to the brain right before an injection to block the pain. The hum of the device and the overload of the nerves creates a distraction and block that eliminates the pain of injections during dental treatments.

Many people avoid going to the dentist due to anxiety over needles or uncomfortable procedures. Our investment in new dental technology at Lufkin Family Dental helps us create a patient-friendly office that is comfortable and helps put our patients at ease. We never want our patients to avoid getting the oral care they need due to fear or anxiety – we do everything we can including using the latest dental technology to make each visit as stress and pain-free as possible. Contact our office today to make your next appointment for a checkup and cleaning.