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Tooth Extractions

No one wants to lose a tooth or have it removed, but it can be necessary for your oral health. Tooth extractions can be needed when a tooth is too damaged or infected to be repaired. It also may be necessary when wisdom teeth become impacted or cause problems when they finally emerge in the teens or early twenties. At Lufkin Family Dental, we offer gentle tooth extractions for our patients in a comfortable, caring atmosphere.

Our dentist, Dr. Jacob Allen, always strives to save a tooth with general dentistry before recommending extraction. However, not all teeth can be saved. A severely damaged tooth where the root is cracked below the gum line is one example of a tooth that may need removal. If extraction is needed, he will thoroughly explain the procedure and give you options for pain relief during removal. In most cases, a tooth can be extracted in just a few minutes once the area is numbed or other anesthesia is used to minimize discomfort.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most teeth that are extracted have undergone trauma or extensive damage. However, wisdom teeth are usually healthy when they are removed but are causing other issues. Due to their late arrival, there is often not enough room left in the mouth for wisdom teeth to erupt in the correct position. This can cause them to grow sideways or become impacted. If not removed, they can cause misalignment of the existing teeth, abscesses, sinus issues and many other health issues. Wisdom teeth should be carefully monitored as they begin to emerge and removed if they begin to show any signs of impacting.

Tooth removal does not need to be a frightening or painful experience. Our experienced dental team at Lufkin Family Dental can perform tooth extractions without pain or stress for our patients. Contact our office today for a tooth removal consultation.