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Invisalign- Your ‘On Point’ Accessory!

Hands holding transparent aligners. Invisalign orthodontics concept

For women, knowing how to accessorize is key! There’s always the accessory considerations to make, such as size, proportion, color, too much, too little, fabric and the list goes on and on. Accessorizing is like a challenge for women. Most women enjoy conquering the challenge and achieving that ‘just right’ accessorizing goal!

What do you have in your accessory closet that just goes with everything? Maybe they’re those perfect pair of gold earrings. Perhaps you own a scarf that completes and does not compete with every outfit and accessory! Did you know that cosmetic dentistry has the perfect accessory as well?

Invisalign is a tooth aligning method that employs clear aligner trays to make your smile and teeth beautiful. The aligner trays are virtually invisible. They are formed to be placed directly over your teeth (similar to clear retainers) and no one will ever notice them.

Due to their clear and invisible quality, they will not clash with anything you put on. They are unnoticeable and people will only notice how ‘on point’ your other accessories are. In contrast, traditional metal braces always seemed to compete with earrings and other accessories worn around your face. Gold earrings and silver metal-ish braces did not work well together.

If you’re experiencing smile dissatisfaction due to misaligned or gapped teeth, call Lufkin Family Dental today. Dr. Jacob Allen will help get you on the road to smile satisfaction with Invisalign. No more worrying about clashing, you’ll just be flashing your new smile!