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“Hey Bud, What’s Your Taste?”

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When it comes to your taste buds, everybody has their own preferences. Some people have a sweet tooth. Others prefer a bag of salty chips to feed their taste bud cravings. At Lufkin Family Dental, we know all of our patients are unique, and have different needs and desires. We celebrate you! Thank you for making us your dental family office.

In 1901, A German scientist named D.P. Hanig developed something called a tongue map. He concluded that all people’s tongues and taste buds react the same way to different food molecules, and that the taste buds are grouped on your tongue in four different areas. This map stated that the tip of your tongue recognized sweets. Your front sides of your tongue recognized salty flavors. Sour tastes were recognized on the back sides of your tongue and bitter tastes were recognized at the very back of the tongue.

However, today many scientists do not believe the tongue map is correct. Most people feel that you may experience tastes in different places on your tongue. You can experiment and see what you think. Why not try something salty or sweet and move the substance all over your tongue. See if you experience the flavor or taste more predominately in one area of the other.

Dr. Allen, at Lufkin Family Dental, will check your teeth, mouth, gums and tongue during your regular checkups and cleanings. Call and book your appointment today! We look forward to treating you like family.